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About Us

“ Lime Griffintown was inspired by the passion of a young woman from Hanoi, wanting to introduce not only Vietnamese gastronomy, but also opening a door to other Asian cuisines. Passionate about food and travel, from Thailand, Cambodia, to Japan and Korea, she wants to share with the world her tasty adventures for spices such as lemon, ginger, pepper, lemongrass ... Through Lime's menu, you will discover your affection for Hanoi through a bowl of Pho, a slice of Bangkok flavor through a bowl of Tom-Yum soup or Chicken Curry. The dishes are prepared with local fresh ingredients but still offer a full range of authentic flavors, which are the spirit of the Lime’s cuisines.”

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Hoan-Vu La

“I believe they have a winning formula. Good food, price is on the sweet spot and the service is friendly. The food is tasty and they seem to have an excellent grill because the grill chat tastes really good. It's a nice addition to this part of town where there's not many Asian restaurants.”

félix lévesque

“Incredible Service! Best Asian Food in Griffintown. Been ordering at least a dozen times and they always deliver the best curry and spring rolls!”

Alice Ng

“Best Pho in town. Cozy ambiance, very good price, excellent service. It’s a MUST try!”

Roch Lemay

“The food is absolutely delicious. Modern approach to Asian food with great presentation. If you try Uber eat delivery. The food is week present and perfect ”

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